Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Marsiling Market...

We were in search of the oldest shops and best makan places.

However, we went rather late so most of the stall were closed.

Some medical halls which have been around for over 10 years.

QinXiang with the owner of a hardware store. The owner happens to be the parent of an MSL student. Guess who?

We went in search of the best food and wanted to ask about how they felt after the facelift and upgrading of the market. We got treated to some sumptious food. Aaaaahhhh... the perks of doing this trail!!

Then there was the Ice-Kacang uncle who scared QinXiang.

ICE-KACHANG UNCLE: "How many questions do you have?!"

Did You Know?
There was another bus inter-change?
We discovered something we did not know before...

There was actually a bus interchange near the Marsiling Market.

This was where it once stood. This is where the Marsiling residents had to take buses from if they want to get to Orchard and Bukit Panjang or Choa Chu Kang. There were bus number 950, 951 and ...not sure what else. Will continue to interview....


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